NOR LINES: Newbuilding General Cargo vessel incl. refrigerated cargo space - 2 vessels

  • 147,500 cu.ft refrigerated cargo volume
  • Engineering, design and technical solutions by MGIT
  • High quality materials imported from Europe
  • Thorough yard support, supervision and quality control
  • Conventional design – built to last – and to withstand rough stevedoring and forklift operation

LOMBOK STRAIT: Reefer newbuilding - 582.000 cu.ft - 2 vessels

  • Engineering, design and technical solutions by MGIT
  • Solely quality materials selected
  • Thorough supervision and quality control
  • To date, no claims raised by yard or owner
  • Conventional design, but mechanical strength is maintained and general maintenance relatively easy

CARMEL ECOFRESH: Reefer/Container newbuilding - 2 x 500.000 cu.f - 2 vessels

  • Initial design by 3rd party
  • None-optimal solutions and compromises had to be made
  • Insulation thickness insufficient in some areas
  • Thermal bridges in some locations impossible to avoid
  • Overall, acceptable K-value, but not the best solution in terms of mechanical strength and easy maintenance
  • 6 insulated decks, 18 separate refrigated chambers
  • Approx 50 x 22 x 18m “black hole” separated by a midship bulkhead
  • MGIT responsible for all construction in the black hole
  • Construction of monorail crane (for installation logistics) fitted on H-beam in top deck ceiling
  • Tranversal steel H-beams, fitted individually
  • “Deck-flats” - deck pontooons of steelstructure, pre-insulated by MGIT - fitted individually