LNG as Marine Fuel

MGI Thermo Solutions for IMO type A, B & C Fuel Tanks

MGI Thermo's inverted insulation system was class approved by DNV in 2010 and is first approved tank insulation system for IMO type A - LNG in the market.

IMO Type A LNG Fuel Tank Insulation

MGI Thermo has developed an inverted cryogenic insulation system where the insulation is applied on the hull structure with an integrated full secondary barrier protecting the hull against harmful temperatures in case of tank leakage. This allows for the well proven and relatively low cost "LPG" IMO A tank design and construction methods to be adopted for LNG tanks.

  • Atmospheric pressure IMO A-tanks

    are considered the best solution with regards to utilization of available space and lowest possible steel weight. MGI Thermo's insulation system is developed for both LNG cargo and fuel tanks.

    The demand for more environmentally friendly solutions has been a driving force for the development of large size LNG fuel tank solutions. The sizes are beyond what is feasible for vacuum insulated tanks and the concept is as such not a competitor to vacuum tanks. It is aimed at a new market for LNG fuel, namely deep sea ships with a fuel storage requirement of more than 500 m3. An IMO A tank solution is also an excellent choice when the vessel has auxiliary engines where the fuel consumption is considerable also at the quayside

  • Insulation for IMO Type B LNG Fuel Tanks

    MGI Thermo has long experience with development and installation of cryogenic insulation systems for IMO type B LNG cargo containment and is continuously working on developing new solutions for adoption to fuel tanks. Our careful engineering approach, cooperation with specialist material manufacturers and proven application methods puts us in a unique position, and we can offer general engineering services as well as complete new insulation system development.

  • Insulation for IMO Type C LNG Fuel Tanks

    Fully bonded Spray Foam Insulation

    Apart from the challenge of designing a system of structural integrity at cryogenic temperatures, the main problem with most cold insulation systems is ingress and accumulation of humidity over time.

    MGI Thermo Spray foam insulation is a fully bonded system where the insulation is sprayed on to the tank surface. The insulation is flexible enough to follow the tanks contraction and expansion, there is no space for accumulation of moisture between containment structure and insulation and there are no through-going joints. This has proven to be the most efficient insulation system for cargo containment, and can be adopted for fuel tank solutions as well.

  • Insulated LNG Bunkering Pipe

    "Pipe in Pipe" Design with Fully Bonded Insulation

    MGI Thermo can in cooperation with LR Marine AS deliver class approved pre-cooled LNG bunkering pipe systems.

    • Dual pipe system with cold Nitrogen in outer pipe
    • Bunker pipe system always at cryogenic temperature
    • Fully bonded flexible insulation system
    • Gas free after bunkering
    • Gas detection Nitrogen system
    • Approved by Class