Cryogenic Pipe Insulation

New installations and Repair

MGI Thermo has detailed experience in design, manufacturing and installation of various cryogenic pipe insulation systems for both on-shore and marine sector. We can offer turn-key solutions for new-buildings as well as repairs and upgrades

General Pipe Insulation and Support

  • "Traditional pipe insulation" by the use of one or two layers of PU insulation section(s) with GRP or glass cloth and mastic
  • Pre-insulated pipe systems in cooperation with LR-Marine (see below)
  • Replacement of HDPU pipe supports including steel cradles/support
  • Worldwide material deliveries, installation and supervision

Pre Insulated Pipe

In cooperation with LR Marine AS

A pipe system for LNG is subject to extreme loads due to temperature fluctuations between - 165oC and +60oC, in combination with the rough conditions at sea. LR Marines' pre - insulated and fully bonded "pipe in pipe" system is the best choice for maximum performance with minimal maintenance.

Pre insulated Pipe Product benefits

  • Carrier pipe fully protected against external corrosion
  • 100% waterproof insulation system
  • Minimal thermal loss
  • Salt, chemical and UV resistant jacket material
  • Solid construction, high mechanical strength
  • Service temperature from -200°C to +315°C
  • Pipe supports on HDPE jacket surface

Pre insulated Pipe System benefits

  • High environmental and personnel safety
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long service life
  • Optimum insulation capacity throughout the service life
  • Substantial reduction of operating costs
  • Quick and efficient installation - minimal downtime
  • Complete product range with pipes, joints, elbows, etc.
  • Type approvals from all major classification societies

LNG Bunkering Pipe

Fully Bonded Insulation

MGI Thermo can in cooperation with LR-Marine AS deliver class approved pre-cooled LNG bunkering pipe systems.

  • Dual pipe system with cold Nitrogen in outer pipe system
  • Bunker pipe system always at cryogenic temperature
  • Fully bonded flexible insulation system
  • Gas free after bunkering
  • Gas detection Nitrogen system
  • Approved by Class

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