MGI Thermo Spray Foam Insulation LPG, LEG & LNG

Fully Bonded Insulation Systems for LPG, LEG, LNG - IMO type A & C

The quality of spray foam insulation depends on the materials, the design, the skill of the machine operator and the project management. MGI Thermo strives for the best possible quality in order to deliver satisfactory solutions for owners, yards and class societies.

Apart from the challenge of designing a system of structural integrity at cryogenic temperatures, the main problem with most cold insulation systems is ingress and accumulation of humidity over time. Regardless of combinations of insulation materials and vapor barrier and jacketing systems, there will be joints and link-up regions hence potential for moisture ingress. The vacuum caused by cooling and the inevitable vapor pressure directed from warm to cold side can "draw" moisture into and through the insulation system - reducing efficiency and potentially leading to frost wedging of insulation and corrosion of the tank or pipe structure.

MGI Thermo Spray foam insulation is a fully bonded system where the insulation is sprayed on to the tank surface. The insulation is flexible enough to follow the tanks contraction and expansion, there is no space for accumulation of moisture between containment structure and insulation and there are no through-going joints. This has proven to be the most efficient insulation system and requires no maintenance.

Spray Foam Performance Advantages

  • No joints, hence increased tightness
  • Insulation bonded to all surfaces
  • No space for moisture accumulation
  • Homogeneous insulation
  • Increased insulation efficiency
  • Non-corrosive watertight surface protection
  • Excellent corrosion protection of tank
  • Minimized risk of voids in the insulation

Spray Foam Application Advantages

  • Complete visual quality control
  • Insulation applied by 4 to 6 operators
  • Onboard or on land application
  • Insulation easy to repair and maintain
  • Low material consumption
  • Easy material handling
  • Small material storage volumes
  • Short application time

Spray Foam Insulation Class Approvals

Spray foam insulation system is designed to fulfil requirements from all the classification societies.

Insulation system is approved for LPG & LEG by:

  • LR - Lloyd’s Register
  • GL - Germanicher Lloyds
  • DNV - Det Norske Veritas

Insulation system is approved for LNG by:

  • GL - Germanicher Lloyds